How can I challenge my insurers if they refuse to cover a claim?
Usually, insurers that refuse to cover a claim have a strong legal reason for doing so — even if you disagree. First, contact us if you feel you're being treated unfairly. Your agent is your strongest advocate in insurance matters. But if it's a legal problem, you might have to hire a lawyer.
Am I covered for natural disasters or “Acts of God”?
Comprehensive insurance, which covers you for fire and theft, generally covers you against damage by flood, earthquake, hail, and other natural perils, except when your car is overturned (which is technically considered a collision). If you have specific concerns about the safety of your vehicle in natural disasters, contact us for information on catastrophic coverage.
What happens when I loan my car to someone?

Is that person covered by my policy? Am I still covered?

Yes. Liability and coverage for Physical Damage (i.e. Comprehensive and Collision) always follow your car. Plus, if the driver of your car is insured, his/her policy will also be available to cover the cost of damages and injuries.

The same rules apply when you borrow someone else's vehicle; your own insurance follows you no matter whose car you're driving. But the vehicle owner's policy is the key coverage in the event of an accident.

How do I keep my insurance company from canceling my policy?
Besides maintaining a clean driving record, consider investing in special safety and security features for your car. If you've been in an accident, consider taking a defensive driving course.
Do all states require some kind of Liability insurance?

No. Although not every state requires Auto insurance, some have “financial responsibility” laws mandating all drivers to be able to pay for any damage or injury they might cause. However, Liability insurance is still the best way for you to meet your state's financial responsibility requirements.

By law, all states offer UM and UIM policies, including no-fault states. In fact, some states require all motorists to carry this coverage in order to gain protection from inadequate insurance coverage of other drivers.

How does where I live affect my premium?

Where you keep your car directly affects your chances of having an accident or becoming a victim of theft or vandalism. The likelihood of encountering these problems increases in larger, more densely populated cities, while such incidents remain relatively low in rural areas.

Additionally, the time and efficiency of police response and law enforcement, local road and traffic conditions, and the quality of local medical services can affect regional insurance rates. Some insurers even factor in the litigation rates in a given area (how many lawsuits are filed, go to trial, out of court settlements, and their amounts).

Liability Coverage (Bodily Injury & Property Damage) Wisconsin Auto Insurance

Wisconsin Bodily Injury Liability

Injuries that you (insured) cause to someone else is covered under this part of an auto insurance
policy. The minimum liability insurance coverage available for purchase in Wisconsin is 50/100
and is explained in detail below. However, we recommend that you choose liability insurance
coverage amounts that are much higher than the minimums listed below. Contact us at (262)
547-7965 to discuss what liability coverage amounts you require to meet your family and
personal needs.

Wisconsin Liability Coverage limits explanation:

25/50/15 - 25=$25,000 - 50=$50,000 - 15=$15,000
First number = bodily injury liability maximum for one person injured in an accident.
Second number = bodily injury liability maximum for all injuries in one accident.
Third number = property damage liability maximum for one accident.

Wisconsin Property Damage Liability

Damage caused by the insured (you) to someone else's property, such as a motorcycle, car,
truck, fence, or house, is covered through property damage auto insurance coverage. This
coverage also assists in protecting you if a lawsuit arises from an accident. The minimum
coverage amount in Wisconsin is $15,000.


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Additional Auto Insurance Policy Information

What information is listed in the actual auto insurance policy that you are given by the insurance agent? Learn about the different important sections in every auto insurance policy below.


Usually listed first in your auto insurance policy and unlike the remainder of your policy, it will have been prepared especially for you. It will list the specific auto insurance coverages and amounts that you've chosen.

  • year, make,and model of your car
  • VIN - vehicle identification number
  • date the policy is effective
  • policy's coverage types and limits
  • policy's cost - premium
  • name of the insured (you or you and your spouse)

Insuring Agreement

Lists exactly what the insurance company promises to provide in return for the payment of your auto insurance premium. The type and amounts of each coverage you've purchased is described in detail and also outlines exactly who is covered under each provision.


The insurance policy exclusions section is a list of all possible circumstances that would free the insurance company from the responsibility of paying a claim.

Example: most auto insurance contain an exclusion that exempts the insurance company from having to pay in the case of intentionally caused damage or injury.


Lists the duties and responsibilities of the insured (You) in the event of a claim situation. Will include guidelines for contacting the insurance company, obtaining a police report, and filing a claim. Information on auto insurance policy cancellation will be outlined here, too.


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Wisconsin Auto Insurance Endorsements

Auto Insurance endorsements are policy extras for services such as towing insurance, auto glass insurance, daily rental insurance, and emergency roadside insurance.

These auto insurance policies are not required by any state, but many drivers choose these services for the added security and convenience they provide.

  • Wisconsin Rental Car Insurance

Covers the cost of a rental car while your insured car is being repaired because of a covered event.

  • Wisconsin Emergency Roadside Insurance

Covers repairs done at the location of your automobile problem (roadside). This policy is often combined with auto towing coverage and called Roadside Emergency Towing Insurance. Changing a flat tire on the roadside may also be covered, but you will need to pay for repairs received at the garage or other repair location.

  • Wisconsin Auto Glass Insurance

Offers a lower deductible or no deductible for when repairing any broken window on your car is required.

  • Wisconsin Auto Towing Insurance

Covers costs involved for towing your car anytime you need it.

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Reducing Auto Insurance Premiums for Teens

Having a teenager included on your auto insurance policy will always cost substantially more, but there are ways to reduce the premium increase.

  • The best cars for teen drivers are slower, bigger cars with a lot of safety features. Teenager's are more prone to accidents, especially ones caused by speeding. A disproportionate number of teenage car accidents involve only one vehicle.
  • Make sure your teen drives safely. One speeding ticket or fender-bender can send your teenager's auto insurance rates sky high. Require that they take a drivers education class at their high school or local DMV.
  • Good student teen driver insurance rates can save up to 25% on your teenager's auto insurance if a "B" average is maintained.
  • Assuming your teen keeps a good driving record, the cost of insuring them will decrease as they get older.

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